Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Online advertising is crucial to keep your pipeline of new customers flowing. It is currently the most cost-effective way to advertise. Most potential clients are looking for a solution online and we make sure that they find you.

At Rhea Cohen Web Design and Marketing we use a combination of paid advertising campaigns to find your potential customers where they live - online.  We tailor your marketing plan to maximize your adspend and get you the highest ROI for your marketing budget.

We use a combination of pay-per-click, retargeting, lead generation, social networking, video and email strategies to reach your target market.  Whether you are local or national we make sure that you continue to grow your business at a healthy rate.

We provide monthly reports so that you can see exactly how your budget is being spent and the results it achieves.  With constant testing and adjustments, you can be sure that your investment yeilds a healthy ROI.

With so many organic marketing strategies out there, it’s easy to overlook advertising.  Investing in your outreach can accelerate the growth of your customer base and pay dividends for years. We'll work with you to develop an effective advertising campaign that meets your specific goals.

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